Partnering in Construction

The idea of partnering in the construction industry has gained wide spread acceptance. As most commonly defined, the idea is a process where the contractor, owner and design firms on the job resolve to work together more closely and harmoniously than is historically typical on construction projects. In this process the “Partners” come together in this association before the design has been completed. One of E&M Constructors’ major roles is to provide pricing as the design evolves. The team is able to make informed decisions about choices with contractor provided information on cost, materials, methods and constructability.


We at E&M Constructors look at partnering as a process that starts at the very beginning when we are chosen by an owner to assist him/her in the construction of a new or remodeled facility.  We believe the sole objective of partnering is to produce the best building project possible within the owner’s defined expectations.


To accomplish this objective we spend the time necessary to familiarize ourselves with the owner’s requirements.  With the owner we then assist in bringing together the appropriate team tailored to cover all the various needs identified.  This team may include an architect, engineer, grant facilitation expert, banker, environmental specialists, attorney or other experts depending on the complexity of the project.  It is important that the owner has a comfort level with all members of the team and that the expertise fits the type of project.  As the project develops key subcontractors may be asked to join the team to identify the most cost effective components for their trade.  This process has proven effective in maximizing the value of the completed project by weighing each element on the cost/benefit scale while keeping a careful eye on the final dollar investment objective.